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Meet Jennifer and Scott: Jennifer and Scott's August wedding was filled with romance and classic elegance, brought to life through unique details and a color scheme of blush pink, champagne gold, and ivory. Read More »

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Meet Leslie and John: Leslie and John had been friends since Jr. high, and they played basketball and ran track together in high school. They decided to go to their senior prom as friends, unknowing that they would end up falling for each other! Read More »

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We are committed to connecting brides with Moxie to quality wedding professionals with Moxie. Nothing satisfies us more than to link an engaged couple to a wedding vendor that is the perfect fit for them. We don't just let anyone from off the street advertise on our site. In order to stay true to the Moxie Mission, we screen each vendor for quality and artistry.

mox·ie (mäk-see):

1. cleverness, skill, creativity, fortitude and the cajones to plan a ridiculously rockin' wedding!
2. a skill; know-how (we only recommend professional vendors with creativity and artistry.)
3. sass; courage; spunk; determination; attitude (Bridezillas are out, Moxie brides are in!)
4. www.eugeneweddingplanning.com (Eugene's online resource for the bride with Moxie!)

We understand that planning a wedding can be a daunting and sometimes stressful task, but Moxie strongly believes that the process can be fun and exciting, especially with the resources we've developed for you.

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Pre Wedding Primping:

It's easy to forget about yourself when there are so many other details under your belt! Check out these tips for being on point on time.

Read More »

Posted: December 01, 2014 Author: Natalie Pomper Category: Advice & Etiquette | Beauty & Fashion | Engagement | Planning |

Real Moxie Wedding: Kate & Jason:

Kate and Jason brought together Mt. Pisgah and their love for a truly unforgettable ceremony. Discover all the details they came up with to turn this natural setting into a day of romance.

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Posted: November 17, 2014 Author: Natalie Pomper Category: Customs/Traditions | Eco-Friendly | Flowers | Ideas/Inspiration | Ceremony & Reception | Wedding Cakes | Wedding Colors | Planning | Real Moxie Brides |

Your Bridesmaids & You:

There is a common misconception that being a bridesmaid means being bossed around by the bride to be. However, in reality it is about showing your girl that you're there for her, and proving loyalty to your friendship. The following will help you understand how to deal with your bridesmaids or check out my "what to expect if you have been asked to be a part of the wedding party (coming soon)"

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Posted: October 19, 2014 Author: Natalie Pomper Category: Advice & Etiquette | Customs/Traditions | DIY | Ideas/Inspiration |

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